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The Arcufit Bar is perfectly balanced.  The weight surrounds your hands giving you more control.  This allows you to exercise more comfortably and safely than with traditional free weights.

Your Arcufit Bar can grow with you.  The modular design allows you to increase the weight as your technique improves.  Saving you from buying multiple pieces of equipment.

The unique shape allows the bar to pass over and around your body in a way no other weights can.
This increases the range of movement – moving more joints and exercising more muscles for a more efficient workout.

A natural new way to exercise with weight

The Arcufit Bar’s unique shape has been designed to work around the human body.  It allows dynamic exercise in a much safer, more comfortable and user-friendly way than existing weights.

A greater range of movement

The Arcufit Bar’s curve increases the amount you move with each exercise.  Even simple workouts, like bicep curls, can be extended, making your muscles work harder and more efficiently to burn more calories.

The freedom to move

Don’t let your equipment dictate what you do.  Whether you’re into Muay Thai, bodybuilding or all-out cardio.  The design of the Arcufit Bar means you can easily add it to your existing workout, giving you the benefits of weight training without the uncomfortable restrictions of a standard exercise bar.

Who is it For?

arcufit home use

Arcufit at Home

Choose to begin your home exercise journey with Arcufit.  It’s ideally suited for home use.  We post new routines and exercises regularly to help you stay motivated.

arcufit pt use

Arcufit for Personal Trainers

The Arcufit bar is perfectly designed for one-on-one and small group training.  The variety of weights makes it are suitable for all abilities.  Also, the comfortable textures and materials encourage those who don’t normally lift weights to start exercising.

arcufit class use

Arcufit for Groups

The Arcufit Bar is great for encouraging more people to start class-based weight training. New classes are coming soon. If you are a class instructor looking for something new contact us for information on a class package.


“The Arcufit handgrips allow for a stable and more neutral wrist position which has the potential to reduce the risk of discomfort and thus injury and dysfunction in comparison to other exercise modalities.”

Colin Brow

Physiotherapist, University of the West of Scotland

“It’s not usual I would step away from my old school training but I can honestly say I felt a connection with the Arcufit bar. It’s a great product that can be used by beginners, but also improve a pro athlete’s game! Honestly, I’m impressed!

Dale Middleton

Light Heavyweight MMA Champion, True Warrior Fitness

“I love this brilliant piece of kit! It’s like a one-piece multi-gym. The exercises you can do are endless”.

Chris Scougal

Personal Trainer, Tartan Fitness, The Gym

Early Bird Prices

The Arcufit Bar is currently available in the following weights and prices for a limited time.


will be £80.00
Order Now


will be £130.00
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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you require any additional information.

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